Super Bowl Sunday

Hey sports fans, the big day is coming. For the few of you that don’t know, the Atlanta Falcons are facing the New England Patriots in Houston! 

Tom Brady has been to the big show 6 other times, won it 4 times, and was awarded the Super Bowl MVP 3 times.  It seems like it doesn’t really matter who Brady is surrounded by, he’ll find his way to success. 

The Falcons on the other hand have only been to this level one other time beating my beloved Vikings in 1998. Gary Anderson missed a go ahead Field Goal which was his first miss of the entire year. Side note: we were possibly the best team in the history of the NFL! Anyways, they have a top tier gun Slinger in ‘Matty Ice’ Ryan. Julio Jones, who is probably the best reciever in the league, and a variable defense that had a field day with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. 

I guess the game is ideally the primary purpose of this coming Sunday. Unfortunately, that is far from the case! It’s become more similar to New Years  in that a bunch of friends get together, eat,  drink, and play games while a select few are antisocial and watch a screen the whole time. Then after a couple hours, everyone flocks to the TV for a couple minutes in anticipation of the big event whether it’s the ball dropping and Mariah Carey ending her career publicly or Lady… GaGa…, however that relates to football. Then people start to leave.

I’m pretty excited about this game though. I’m kind of a fan of both teams, the game should be pretty close, and we bought our first house this last summer and will be able to have people over for the game if it all works out. I can’t decide if it’s going to be a small group of something bigger. 

I’ve always viewed the game as an excuse to get together; the guys can watch the game, laugh at commercials and ignore the halftime show while eating junk food and cool appetizer recipes everyone loves. At the same time most of the ladies hang out and talk about life while the kids run around and get away with just about anything.  

So, my prediction is Falcons win 31-27. I’m gonna eat pizza and buffalo and barbeque something. All the typical stuff will happen and I’ll love every moment. 

What are you guys doing?

I could use some recommendations for hosting!
Alright buds, be awesome, and keep #ManHandlingLife 

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