Fading resolutions

Hey all!

Ya know, I live in MinneSNOWta and January is usually filled with chaotic and frigid weather (-15 degrees Fahrenheit). This year we are lucky enough to enjoy temperatures above freezing with snow flurries every week to remind us how cool winter can be. 

All that being said, another thing that many of us see with the end of January is all of those New Years resolutions fading away due to life being too busy, a lack of conviction or poor planning. This normally has me written all over it but this year I skipped the resolution because I fall into that same trap putting everything I have into losing weight, starting a new hobby, cutting out a habit, or whatever pulls at me after the Christmas season. I don’t know what your resolutions are/were but I hope you are killing it. If not, let’s try and find some hope.

It has been refreshing to say the least to be doing something braided I want to and not because of some symbolic BS of new beginnings. Things have been different, I made several healthy changes toward a healthier lifestyle in December and am starting this blog in late January. My conviction has been stigma-free. I hope you can share in this new-found peace I’m enjoying.

I really just want to encourage you to stop worrying about the resolution and truly find out what convicts you.  If it’s saying yes to spending more quality time with your family, losing that extra 15 lbs or stopping a habit that eventually will take your life; whatever it is, my encouragement is to take stock in what matters and make these “I really should ______ ” thoughts and make decisions on ALL OF THEM based entirely on principal and not on fear.  Example: don’t quit smoking because you area afraid it’s gonna kill you. Quit because you want to see your grandchildren grow up and because you’d really like to be able to climb more than 5 stairs without being out of breath.

Men are stubborn generically speaking. So, what I’m saying is to be stubborn… But do it in ways that help you, not that tears you down and apart from the things and people you love.

Good luck, I’m psyched to hear about what convicts you the most.


2 thoughts on “Fading resolutions

  1. I like this post. This year Ive planned to have more consistent communication with family not because they are just my family but because Ive learned they care a great deal about my general life and Ive taken their care for granted. So far Ive installed a few more apps to help our long distance chats as well as working on confirming some summer travel dates.


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